About us

What is the Random Quartet

The Random Quartet is not intended as an alternative to the classical quartet, but as a new dimension of it, offering a vision of music in its totality, without barriers.

Besides Bach and Mozart, in fact, in our repertoire you will find music (mainly arranged by us) by Morricone, the Beatles, Metallica, Queen and by a lot of other authors that you would never expect to be performed by a string quartet. This approach free from constraints makes us find to our ease both in contexts such concerts, festivals or cultural events, both in corporate events or gala's dinners.


The repertoire of the Random Quartet constitutes one of its main strengths; very large and heterogeneous, it has been enhanced over the years thanks to an tireless work of research, combined with a lot of transcriptions done by ourselves of songs never transcribed for a string quartet.

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  • String Wars - The refrain of the Jedi: The most popular and award-winning sondtracks in the history of cinema. details
  • A dancing quartet: Music to be danced: from the waltzes to the tangos, passing through celebrated ballet music. details
  • Christmas concert: Our program dedicated to the most magical time of the year. details
  • Playing the Opera: Instrumental homage to the great Italian opera (and not only!). details
  • TranScripta Manent: A program with some of the most beautiful pieces in music history transposed for string quartet. details
  • The Time Machine:A musical journey from the Renaissance to the present day. Particularly suitable when used with teaching functions, can at the same time satisfy even the most exquisite tastes. details
  • A Rock Quartet: You will very hardly listen to music like this played by a classical string quartet; Metallica, Queen, Nightwish... But the Random Quartet is this too. details
  • The "light" side of music: Pop music, with special attention to Beatles. details


The Random String Quartet was founded in 2005 in the class of Prof. Ravetto, at the "G. Verdi" Conservatory in Turin; after having passed the final examination, comes the need to continue with a musical speech even outside the academic context.

Little by little, the idea of a quartet released by the traditional canons takes shape, a quartet in which can cohabit very different musical tastes: beginning from these premises it develops a "total" musical experience, although based on the solid foundations of the classical tradition.

Since 2007 they start therefore the experiments with arrangements of film scores and pop songs, until the landing to metal music, to witness the incredible versatility of this ensamble.

Precisely because of its peculiarities, the Random String Quartet has enjoyed considerable success during the numerous performances and initiatives carried out during its years of activity; we mention the recording of the CD "Just Four Strings", the performance of the "Carnival of the Animals" of Saint-Sa & euml; ns in the Salone del Conservatorio, the participation in the CD produced for the 10th anniversary of the association Ra Vi. , the performance at the Majakovsky hall of the cultural association "Hiroshima mon Amour", the one at the Mole Antonelliana on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Turin Marathon and the CD "In Dreams" released in 2016, entirely dedicated to famous soundtracks.

The interest in folk music has led the Random Quartet to rank in the first place in the selection for the Northwest of Folkest 2018, thus obtaining the possibility to perform in the most ancient and prestigious folk festival on the national territory.

The deep vitality and resourcefulness of this eclectic string quartet led it to have a large following out of the national boundaries too, thanks to modern media as YouTube, on which channel there are today hundreds of thousands of total views.

The components

In the years the components of the Random Quartet are changed, up to reach the actual:

  • Violin I - Giovanni Bertoglio
  • Violin II - Lucia Pulzone
  • Viola - Tancredi Celestre
  • Cello - Chiara Manueddu

They say about us

The many people who encourage and support us are the engine that drives our enthusiasm.

"I listen to this every saturday morning to uplift me and decompress me, and spin myself back in the right direction..."  [Douglas McCann]

  • "just amazing!"
  • "Riuscite a fare della musica che davvero mi trasporta in un altro mondo... vi auguro tanto successo!"
  • "Wow! Nice arrangement guys. Very nice layered effect. You all ought to try out for America's Got Talent next season."
  • "just cant find the words..."
  • "Musica perfeita, arranjo de vcs perfeito! Maravilhoso! parabéns pelo excelente trabalho rapazes!"
  • "Ihr seid echt super!!! Weiter so!!!!"
  • "I heard only a "crack" in my heart.."
  • "Oh my Lord. how can somebody play this my favourite song like this. so beautiful"
  • "Original and wonderful!"
  • "That's pretty epic"
  • "Explosive, wonderful, no word to describe.."
  • "I'm in the ghoosflesh. please play more moreee? never stop"
  • "A new dimension in Nightwish music! I can say I like your cover? more that the original version... Great work!"
  • "Where do people play this kind of music? If i knew; i would probably visit every week, this would make me just stand there in awe with my mouth wide open"
  • "Cannot believe you guys made a guitar solo on the violin!?"
  • "Wow. Speechless. You're a wonder."
  • "Perfect, your performance has no mistakes, congratulations!"
  • "Really good and very inventive !!!"
  • "Very inspirational."
  • "This is incredible!!!!!! Amazing arranging"
  • "Wow, interesting version! Different cast than one's used to, and also more powerful..."


Some footage shot during our performances. To see them all go to our Youtube channel!


Each of the images of our gallery means to us of wonderful moments, the kind that only a friendship steeped in music can give.


Here are some examples taken from the audio CD that we recorded or our concerts. Tilt the chair back, relax and start the player!