What Is the Random Quartet

The Random Quartet does not intend to be an alternative to the classical quartet, but rather a new dimension of it, offering a vision of music without barriers.

In addition to Bach and Mozart, in our repertoire, you will find pieces (almost all arranged by us) by Morricone, the Beatles, Metallica, Queen, and many other seemingly distant authors from the idea of the classic string quartet. This unconstrained approach makes us comfortable in concert seasons, festivals, or cultural events, as well as at private parties, corporate events, or galas.


The Random String Quartet was formed in 2005 within the quartet class of Prof. Ravetto at the "G. Verdi" Conservatory in Turin. After passing the final exam, the need arose to continue a musical journey together beyond the academic context.

Gradually, the idea of a quartet unbound by traditional standards took shape, where very different musical realities could coexist: from these premises, a 360-degree musical experience developed, even though it is based on the solid foundations of classical tradition.

In 2007, experiments began with arrangements of film scores and pop songs, leading to the exploration of rock, metal, and folk repertoire.

Due to its unique characteristics, the Random String Quartet has received numerous accolades during its decade-long activity, including the recording of CDs "Just Four Strings" and "In Dreams" (the latter released in 2016 and entirely dedicated to film music), performances at various concerts in theaters and unusual venues (Salone del Conservatorio di Torino, Mole Antonelliana, Hiroshima mon Amour, Auditorium Orpheus, Orto Botanico di Torino, Castello di Racconigi, etc.) during musical seasons such as those of the Filarmonica del Teatro Regio, Kalendamaya, Piemonte in Musica, and participation in the television show "Nessun Dorma," broadcast on Rai 5.

In 2018, the Random Quartet performed in two recitals dedicated to Morricone and Rota at the Auditorium of the Cité des Arts in Chambéry as part of the celebrations for the seventh edition of the "Quinzaine du Cinéma italien."

The interest in folk music led the Random Quartet to rank first in the Northwest selection of Folkest 2018, earning the opportunity to perform during the closing evening of the oldest and most prestigious folk festival in Italy, where they were also invited as a guest group during the 2019 edition.

The Random Quartet has a strong following beyond national borders, thanks to its presence on the web, particularly on YouTube, where it has garnered hundreds of thousands of views to date.

Violin I

Giovanni Bertoglio

Violin II

Diana Imbrea


Arianna Nastro


Chiara Manueddu

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